What are epoxy resins?

Epoxy resins are most important thermosetting polymers thanks to their excellent chemical, mechanical, thermal and adhesive properties. Epoxy resin is a polymer that contain the epoxide group (also known as ethoxylene or oxirane), in which an oxygen atom is bonded to two adjacent (end) carbon atoms.

Epoxy resins cure or set into a hard shape using curing method such as heat or radiation. The curing process is irreversible since a polymer network is crosslinked by covalent chemical bonds. The crosslinking of epoxy resin can be the result of an addition or homopolymerization reaction.

What is NEMresin?

NEMresin is a powdered single-component epoxy resin, which can be stored at room temperature. It softens when the temperature rises above 65°C. Afterward, the resin undergoes rapid hardening. Products based on the basis of NEMresin have a wide range of mechanical, thermal and physical properties, tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Why NEMresin?

Simple and short manufacturing

NEMresin is a transparent powder which liquifies at the temperature in range 65 - 80 °C and curing at temperatures between 90 - 120 °C. It has optimal power consumption levels, as it does not require cooling, nor high temperature curing.

Award Winning Product

New Era Materials acquired in 2014 first AVK award in the process innovation category at Composite Europe trade fair in Dusseldorf, and in November 2014 in Cracow at the Kompozyt Expo trade fair, NEMresin resin was also selected as the most innovative composite material.

Easy manual handling

NEMresin epoxy system designed for moulding under pressure. Recommended for hot pressing.

Storage at room temperature

NEMresin can be storaged at max 20°C in the closed container up to 6 months.

Glass Transition Temperature

Range of epoxy resins with different Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) allows to adjust the best solution for the successful final product.

Lightweight with high strength

Laminating with NEMresin provides the high strength, resilience, impact and shock resistance required.

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