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New Era Materials was established in 2012 on the basis of a breakthrough technology of one-component powdered resin in order to develop innovative solutions for the production of components and composite elements. For its invention - the composition of reactive epoxy resins and the method of producing products pre-impregnated with the composition of reactive epoxy resins, the Company has three patents: Polish, European and US, including the last two enriched with the production of preg and ready-made composite elements.

The company's mission is to carry out the advanced R&D works in order to introduce process and product innovations that allow us to deliver composite materials of the highest quality by developing automatic productiontechnology for composite components and elements. NEM's flagship products are NEMresin powdered epoxy resin systems for the production of NEMpreg pre-impregnated materials and ready-made composite parts,including custom-made materials. The main recipients of NEM products are manufacturers of sports goods, vehicle parts, structural elements or companies dealing in the repair of composite structures.

Currently, NEM employs about 100 employees and has a well-equipped laboratory and production plant in Modlniczka, where it carries out research, develops NEM technologies and products.NEM’s laboratories cover 5 main areas: material synthesis and modification, thermal analysis and rheology, mechanical tests, flammability tests, and accelerated aging tests.

Life Cycle Assessment

At New Era Materials, we recognise that a superior product is not solely defined by its intrinsic material properties. We also consider the contribution we make to future generations. To that end, we have established a comprehensive approach to product development.

New Era Materials was established in 2016 near Cracow. From the outset, our mission was to create materials that are as safe as possible for people and the environment. We have chosen to locate our facility in the Natura 2000 area, which aligns with our core values. We have chosen the components for production responsibly, using only solvent-free solutions, and manufactured mainly in the EU.

Moreover, we ensure that almost 100% of our energy is made by renewable energy sources. In the next years of our expansion, we will focus on implementing new technologies and products concerning the adopted assumptions. On the one hand, we will reduce the energy needed for the manufacturing of both prepregs by lowering process temperature and composites by shortening the curing cycle. On the other hand, we develop resin systems with bio-based carbon raw materials or apply natural reinforcements.

NEW ERA MATERIALS are created with awareness of the environmental impact.

In everyday activities, we consider sustainability to limit the carbon footprint in purchasing, storage, production, shipping, and waste reduction. We attend exhibitions on sustainability topics to better understand our responsibilities and learn about LCA. Only through strong collaboration, as part of a sustainable organisation, can we make our world a better place to live.

What are epoxy resins?

Epoxy resins are most important thermosetting polymers thanks to their excellent chemical, mechanical, thermal and adhesive properties. Epoxy resin is a polymer that contain the epoxide group (also known as ethoxylene or oxirane), in which an oxygen atom is bonded to two adjacent (end) carbon atoms.

Epoxy resins cure or set into a hard shape using curing method such as heat or radiation. The curing process is irreversible since a polymer network is crosslinked by covalent chemical bonds. The crosslinking of epoxy resin can be the result of an addition or homopolymerization reaction.

How we solve problems?

Difficulties, problems, issues and challenges

During product development businesses might find themselves in a situation where they face with a seemingly impossible challenge. When such cases occur, the best is to discuss it with someone who has also faced the same or similar challenges during product development or design. Our advanced team gives you a helping hand and decades of experience to solve your problems, issues and overcome your challenges.

Consulting about the possibilities with our experienced specialists

During consultation we help you to find solutions to your design, technical, productional, processing or finishing problems. We offer you not only the technical support, but also sharing the know-how and giving you an advice for selecting materials, production technologies, machinery and software background. Our consulting service offers you a tailored solution to your exact need, keeping in mind effectiveness, productivity and cost-relations.

Finding the best solution, testing and implementing it

After finding a technical, production or design solution to your problem, we give you advice on the possible options and letting you choose the most ideal one. Afterwards we run the solution through various tests and optimalise the process to suit all your requirements and needs. Our scientists and experts diligently search for areas of methods that can be made faster and better for your benefit.

Developing the solution for large-scale manufacturing

When the testing is done and successful, we help you to install the chosen hardware and software, put tested processes into action on a large scale. We monitor the first full production lines to detect the effectiveness of your processes in reality. We also give you advice on training employees to carry out tasks that are necessary to maintain a high workflow standard.

In the center of our history there is science.


Establishment of NEM and decision to commercialize research results.


Inventing a new system for the production of epoxy resins that enables the production of composites quickly and in technologically uncomplicated way.


AVK Innovation Award of Composite Europe, Düsseldorf. NEM has signed a framework cooperation agreement with Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH (LZS) in Dresden.


The Michał Sołowow Group has become a strategic investor of NEM. The company becomes a finalist of the Orzeł Innowacji 2015 competition (Rzeczpospolita).


Relocation of NEM from Szczecin to a new headquarters in Modlniczka near Cracow (new plant, approx. 3,900 m2). NEM's technologies were awarded at Kompozyt-Expo in Cracow.


Investment in new high-technology production line for prepregs and composites press system.
A successful certification by Windguard Certification GmbH.


Our subsidiary structrepair GmbH awarded DNV-GL certificate for the epoxy prepreg based composite repair solution.


We work in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality systems, which confirm the quality of our services and products. View our ISO certificates.


New Era Materials is awarded a licence by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (MSWiA) to supply products for the defence industry.

Our Corporate Achievements


Grants for research and company development






modern production equipment including 3 High-Tech production lines


advanced equipment for extensive laboratory testing

Our Work Stations

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