Composite Modelling

At New Era Materials, we design composite structures. We specialize in multilayer structures reinforced with continuous fibers. We offer the design and modelling of composite structures as well as the redesign of isotropic structures.

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Scanning and Reverse Engineering

At New Era Materials we also have a professional scanning arm (measuring accuracy of up to 18 µm and a measuring range of up to 2 m), which enables us to scan structures in order:


Reverse Engineering


Quality Control



If you need a 3D scan for full technical documentation, or if you are planning to replace a finished structure with a composite element, we are at your disposal.

Thermoset Compression Moulding

Compression moulding offers many advantages during the production process and to the properties of its components. Compressed parts have a higher durability than parts manufactured using the injection moulding process. They do not have a visible injection gate, very low shrink, and they have a higher surface quality. It is very easy to change the material and colour. Therefore the compression moulding is ideal for small batch sizes.

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Thermoset Sheet Forming

THERMOSET SHEET FORMING (TSF) is a new, highly effective technology designed to manufacturing three-dimensional composite structures of very high quality. This is a combination of advantages resulting from the processing of thermoplastic organic sheets with excellent properties of thermoset composite materials. TSF technology is based on NEMpregs. After heating, thermoset organic sheets become elastic, then promptly crosslinking, which reduces the entire processing cycle. Similarly as thermoplastic organic sheets, NEMpregs can be prepared for processing by using simple tools. Additionally, they can be processed by pressing. Thermoset crosslinking process enables the extraction of moulded pieces at the temperature of the process without the need of temperature changing process. Thereby, the whole process is very fast and cost-effective.

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Validation of Composite Structures

New Era Materials offers broadly defined validation of composite materials including:


Structure Analysis


Composite Testing


Geometry Validation

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