What is NEMplate?

NEMplates are manufactured in hot pressing technology from multiple layered NEMpregs (based on carbon or glass uni-directional or twill fiber impregnated with epoxy resin). Due to its hight strength and light weight NEMplate is the best structural material for drone frames, model airplanes and car chassis. Low water absorbing capacity and good mechanical features make NEMplate suitable for sport boots, bags, golf, flagpoles, sailing, water sport equipment, etc.

Why NEMplate?

Huge array of different materials

NEMplates can be designed and made out of composite materials (glass prepregs, carbon prepregs) and honeycomb or foam layer, aluminium, wood, providing complex structural strength and light weight.

Function integration inserts

The combination of NEMpregs allows the simple integration of electronic components, such as lights, sensors, heating mats, wireless charger for mobile phones to create smart sandwiches or panels.

Free variations in one plate

Advanced sandwich structures provide the ultimate value for different applications to perform missions with a wide range of operational requirements.

Sizes up to 1000x2000mm,
Thickness from 1 to 10 mm

The size of NEMsandwich is adjusted on demand and optimized for keeping the price very competitive.

Non-corrosive material

Wykorzystanie systemów epoksydowych jako osnowy NEMplate gwarantuje wysoką odporność na działanie większości chemikaliów.


Reinforcement options

Fields of application

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