Pilot Projects

New Era Materials encourages a group of AGH University of Science and Technology from Cracow to participate in Formula Student competitions all over the world to make a difference in industry generally and in Motorsports car field especially for the better future.

New Era Materials embraces challenges and works together with the students in such spheres like Research, Planning, Designing, Manufacturing, Testing and Reporting. We are sharing thoughts, beliefs, passion, knowledge and experience required to dare dreaming about changing the world.

New Era Materials aims with enthusiasm to keep the students ambitions and goals high to achieve better results in every endeavour and qualifications.

New Era Materials provided components for the ultra-modern electric RTE2.0 LEM racing bolide.

New Era Materials has been actively involved in the project conducted by AGH Racing Team, which developed a unique and extremely modern electric drive for bolides and racing cars. As a result of this cooperation, an extremely modern compact battery cell assembly has been developed for the first electric bolide in Poland. It met strict technical requirements and proved that NEM materials and technology are perfectly suited for creating highly resistant cases for electric cells.