Composites Repair

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Responsibility for the future starts with repairing what is broken. We deliver the modern, fast composites repair solution for windfarms, boats and slides to save environment, time and money. Because we care.

During last years we were carrying out R&D research and investments in order to develop the idea of fulfilling the market gap of fast curing repair system for flat composite surfaces. New Era Materials operates closely with its portfolio brand, structrepair, an Industry 4.0 company providing new generation solutions of wind turbine blade repair.

Our Field of Expertise



More efficient data collection


Process transparency


Repeatability and independency of a weather conditions

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Latest Wind Energy Highlights

DNV-GL certificate

We are proud that one of our subsidiaries - structrepair GmbH was awarded the DNV-GL certificate which attests compliance with DNVGL-CP-0431, and DNVGL-ST-0376.

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