New Era Materials has been known for its innovative material development. Each day we make a step towards sustainable future. One of the first ones was Life Cycle Assessment, which signaled our growing commitment within the sports industry to reduce its environmental impact.

Today we would like to announce the next step - our participation in the Winter Sports Sustainability Network (WSN) as a supplier member.
The Winter Sports Sustainability Network (WSN) is a platform for collaboration, learning and joint sustainability action within the winter sports industry. WSN is managed by Peak 63 under the governance of Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and in partnership with Snowsports Industries America.

New Era Materials Team believe that the collaboration within WSN will likely focus on several key areas:

  • Developing eco-friendly equipment: New Era Materials' expertise in material science could lead to the creation of next-generation skis, snowboards, and other winter sports equipment with a smaller environmental footprint. This could involve using recycled materials, bio-based alternatives, or manufacturing processes that minimise energy consumption.
  • Promoting sustainable practices: The network could work to educate athletes, resorts, and governing bodies on best practices for sustainable winter sports. This might encompass areas like energy efficiency in mountain operations, waste reduction strategies, and responsible trail maintenance.
  • Advocating for policy change: By working together, the network could raise awareness and advocate for policies that promote sustainability in winter sports destinations. New Era Materials' participation in this network is a positive step towards a more sustainable future for winter sports. We strongly believe that NEM's innovative materials and commitment to environmental responsibility make us a valuable partner in this network.

WSN was initiated in 2021 with the aim to unite the winter sports industry, share learnings and find new solutions to the sustainability challenges ahead. We are an industry network focusing on:

  • Increasing & sharing sustainability knowledge within the industry
  • Building a platform for collaborations
  • Initiating projects where joint forces are needed to accelerate the change
  • Defining industry standards and agreements for sustainability

Collaboration is key to ensuring that winter sports can thrive in a changing climate.