This is not another extreme sports movie - Even if it seems like that. It is a movie about advanced materials ensuring extremely high strength and light weight of composites. This is what New Era Materials is all about.

We started with the invention of our unique epoxy resin system in a powdered form. Next, we developed various resin systems and launched prepreg and composites production to have a complex approach in composites manufacturing. And we aspire to create possibilities to new applications of advanced composite materials that were once impossible.

Our resin systems are adjustable to suit ideally for the professional manufacture of pre-impregnated fibers named NEMPREGs. We ensure that only the best raw materials are being used in production and our hot pressing technology guarantees both innovation thinking and action. Weight savings, corrosion resistance, high strength and many more advantages that NEMplates and NEMsandwiches possess.

Within the NEMplate and NEMsandwich various core materials can be chosen and integrated to create a smart panel. Due to our brilliant engineers and production equipment, ambitious projects can be realized and top-quality composite elements created. That makes the endless possibilities for application in sports gears, automotive, railway, military, maritime construction and many more where modern, lightweight materials are needed. We keep on moving, keep adjusting, keep developing in dedicated research programmes at our ultra-modern laboratory.

Your challenge is our ambition. New Era Materials.”