We have been working with AGH Racing Team for many years. This time, we provided the team with our facilities and an autoclave to carry out the curing process for the wheels designed for the all-electric RTE 3.0 car.

With the use of motors in the wheels, the AGH Racing Team decided to design their own composite rims. The rim design was optimised and prepared for the manufacturing process. We created a 3D model of the wheel based on the sketch we had made. This was done in accordance with the standard requirements for wheel geometric dimensions and design requirements. Further work will allow us to plan the production process using the New Era Materials autoclave and select its parameters.

We look forward to working together on another project!

The automotive industry uses autoclaves for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Curing composite materials: Autoclaves are used to cure composite materials such as carbon fibre and glass fibre, which are increasingly being used in automotive construction due to their light weight and high strength.
  • Vulcanising rubber components: This process strengthens and improves the durability of rubber components such as seals, hoses and tyres by subjecting them to temperature and pressure.
  • Bonding of components: Autoclaves can be used to bond various materials, such as metal and plastic, using adhesives that require specific temperature and pressure conditions to cure properly.
  • Painting and surface treatment: Some painting and surface treatment processes, such as anodising, require the use of an autoclave to achieve the desired results.

Here are some of the key features of autoclaves used in the automotive industry:

  • High resistance to pressure and temperature: Autoclaves can withstand the high pressures and temperatures required for various processes such as vulcanisation and composite curing.
  • Accurate temperature and pressure control: The ability to precisely control temperature and pressure is essential to ensure the quality and repeatability of the final product.
  • Safety features: The autoclaves are equipped with various safety features such as safety valves and safety switches to prevent accidents and injuries.

New Era Materials has an autoclave designed for the automotive industry. Find out more about our capabilities, production and laboratory facilities.