"At first they laughed at us, then they began to look with curiosity. In the end, they want to join us. "- This is how one of its leading competitors, Lucas Di Grassi, summed up four Formula E seasons.

New Era Materials puts in its two-penny worth to the development of the "green" motor-sport class and the development of electro mobility.

During the tests of AGH Racing bolide on "Jastrząb Track", the electric drive powered by cells in NEM case passed the tests perfectly.

Most importantly, the batteries do not overheat, despite extreme test conditions.

Today's tests were the part of preparing AGH Racing bolide for the Student Spain Barcelona Formula competition at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalynya - the famous F1 track.

Big test ahead in a week from 20-25.08.2019.

Keep your fingers crossed for AGH Racing and positive test results of our technology.