New Era Materials (NEM) offers a wide range of solutions that combine lightness, strength and versatility to provide significant benefits for modern weaponry and defence systems.

Key strengths of NEM composites:

  • Lightweight: NEM composite materials are significantly lighter than traditional metals, reducing the weight of vehicles and combat platforms. This translates into improved mobility, fuel savings, increased payload and reduced burden on infrastructure.
  • Durability: NEM composites provide impressive mechanical strength and stiffness, making them ideal for applications requiring resistance to high loads, impacts and torsion.
  • Resilience: These materials exhibit high resistance to corrosion, chemicals and extreme environmental conditions, ensuring long life and minimal maintenance costs.
  • Versatility: NEM composites can be moulded into any shape and component, allowing custom solutions to be created to suit specific needs.

Applications for NEM composites for the defence industry:

  • Armour: Lightweight and robust composite armour provides protection against, for example, missiles, shrapnel and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • Aircraft and helicopter fuselages: NEM composites can be used in aircraft and helicopter construction reduce weight, improving performance, fuel efficiency and range.
  • Helmets and ballistic shields: Composite helmets and shields provide soldiers with lightweight and effective head and body protection.
  • Armoured vehicle structural components: Composites reinforce the hulls and other components of armoured vehicles, increasing their protection while maintaining mobility.
  • New Era Materials continues to expand its range of composite solutions for the defence industry, investing in research and development and collaborating with leading scientific and military institutions.

Our company is committed to delivering innovative and high-performance materials that meet the challenges of today's battlefield and keep soldiers around the world safe.

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