The automotive industry is undergoing a period of tremendous transformation, driven by demands for lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient vehicles. 

For instance, Jaguar Land Rover is preparing for future electric vehicles with advanced lightweight composite research that they say will deliver increased range and provide greater performance. The Tucana project is a four-year programme to make the UK a world leader in low-carbon technology, helping prevent 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions between 2023 and 2032 by accelerating mainstream use of electric vehicles and making vehicles lighter to both decrease tailpipe emissions and reduce the energy consumption of electrified powertrains.
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In this landscape, New Era Materials (NEM) is emerging as an important player, executing the use of advanced composites to reshape the future of car design. Our core strength lies in the development of high-performance  resin systems, followed by high-quality NEMpreg material.

NEMpreg: The Future of Automotive Composites

NEMpreg is an advanced prepreg based on specific epoxy resin system. This prepreg offers several benefits for car manufacturers:

  • Lightweight Design: Composite materials boast superior strength-to-weight ratios compared to traditional metals. NEMpreg allows for the creation of lighter automotive parts, leading to increased fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Enhanced Durability: Composites are known for their exceptional resistance to corrosion and fatigue, translating to longer-lasting car components. High-performance NEMpreg offers an excellent mechanical properties.
  • Design Flexibility: NEMpreg's versatility enables the creation of complex shapes, opening the door to innovative and aerodynamic car designs.
  • Tailored Solutions: NEMpreg is tailor-made composite materials to meet specific automotive requirements, ensuring optimal performance in every application.

Looking Ahead

With our commitment to innovation and sustainability, New Era Materials is well-positioned to drive the adoption of advanced composites in the automotive industry. NEM's materials offer car manufacturers the potential to create lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient vehicles, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future for transportation.

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