Composites are increasingly used in the defence industry due to their unique properties. The use of composites in the defence industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This is due to the continuous development of new composite technologies that offer increasingly better properties and capabilities.

Advantages of composites:

  • High strength: This property makes them ideal for applications where high strength with minimal weight is required, such as in aircraft and helicopter structures.
  • Corrosion resistance: Composites are corrosion resistant, making them ideal for marine and other aggressive environments.
  • Vibration damping properties: Composites have good vibration damping properties, so they are used in areas where noise and vibration reduction is required, such as engine housings and other machine components.
  • Shape-ability: Composites can be shaped into various forms.
  • Thermal insulation: Composites are good thermal insulators, making them ideal for applications requiring temperature control, such as in space and aerospace components.

At New Era Materials, we specialise in manufacturing materials that have applications in a wide range of industries from sports and leisure, public transport to medicine and the defence industry. We supply composite materials for the defence industry with lightweight structures and extremely high mechanical strength.

Composites and prepregs are unique epoxy systems for the modern defence industry!

  • Combat vehicles
  • Multi-purpose aircraft
  • Helicopters

Together with our partners and customers, we are contributing to the development of materials that will create our future. We introduce new technologies, explore new potential applications and are involved in global initiatives contributing to the development of the composite market and 3D printing.

We look forward to working with you: