NEMpreg.SMART5150 is an epoxy resin-based prepreg mainly dedicated to the manufacture of visually appealing composite parts. The high transparency of the warp allows the desired visual effect to be achieved even with thick composite structures. An additional advantage of this material is its long out life at 20⁰C (12 months). This makes the material not only user-friendly, but also environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of energy required for storage at reduced temperatures. In addition, this leads to a reduction in the amount of time-consuming logistics involved in defrosting and freezing the material before and after the production process.

In its structure, NEMpreg.SMART5150 differs from typical prepregs used in the composites industry. It is a single-sided prepreg, where the warp has been placed on only one side of the reinforcement, while deliberately limiting infiltration. The remaining dry fibres form natural channels that vent the composite structure during crosslinking. This not only leads to a reduction in potential defects, but also reduces the amount of additional material needed for the process.

NEMpreg.SMART5150 is dedicated to the manufacture of composite structures using autoclave technology. The standard crosslinking time at 130⁰C is 90 min, allowing the entire autoclave cycle to be completed in less than 3 hours. The possibility of using most of the technical fibres known on the composite market allows different properties of the finished products to be modelled. Thus, in addition to the visual aspect, composites with improved mechanical properties can be obtained.

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