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Guarantee of Quality

We help manufacturers of sport industry to remain competitive by building their strengths through improvement of manufacturing process. Our advanced preimpregnated composite fibers with our unique epoxy resin system enable to lower cost of final sport products and provide efficiency, quality, performance, safety and profitability. New Era Materials can guarantee that has never compromised its quality standards. We have launched our products dedicated to the sport industry and have a positive feedback from our customers. Currently New Era Materials cooperates with the market leaders.

Various fields of application for NEM materials

Our Product Range for the Sports Industry



Thanks to fast curing pressing time can be shortened, coating/gluing in ski and board production processes can be reduced or even eliminated. We work on different kinds of reinforcement and do the impregnation in house.


  • Storage at 20°C up to 2 months
  • Speeding up the production process - forming process (120°C, 7 min.)
  • Low tack, high mechanical properties, low viscosity
  • Good surface finishing


  • Skis and Snowboards
  • Skimboard and Skateboards
  • Fins and Paddles
  • Protectors and Helmets
  • Bike Frames and Saddles
  • Rackets, Bats and Poles


Our NEMresin can be successfully used for the laminating of hockey sticks, canoe, kayak, paddle tip sealant in order to provide high strength, resilience, impact and shock resistance required for sporting goods.


  • White, powdered epoxy resin with simple, quick forming (120°C in 8 min.)
  • 6 months room temperature storage in closed container
  • Melting temperatures above 40°C


  • Hockey sticks
  • Floorball sticks
  • Archery elements
  • Racquets, Bats and Poles
  • Canoe, Kayak and Paddle tip sealants


Carbon or glass NEMplates are manufactured under heated pressure from multiple layered NEMpregs (based on carbon or glass uni-directional or twill fiber impregnated with epoxy resin). High strength, lightweight.


  • Reinforcement materials
  • Possible mix in the plate
  • Sizes up to 1 x 2 m
  • Thickness 1 - 10 mm
  • Non-corrosive
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent dielectric and mechanical properties


  • Drone frames
  • Motorsports
  • Sport shoes
  • Sailing equipment
  • Golf equipment
  • Flagpoles
  • Watersports equipment


Composite panel where various core materials can be integrated to create smart structures. Mechanical properties can be customized and effectively used in building process of racing boats and catamarans, campers, board sports equipment, etc.


  • Sandwich structure with selected core material of choice
  • Insert integration
  • Fully customisable
  • Single-step technology
  • Weatherproof


  • Boat racing
  • Motorsports
  • Catamarans
  • Wintersports
  • Boardsports


NEMcomposites is a 3D composite element service supported by closed-mould pressing technology that offers smooth surfaces, high-quality structures and optionally reinforcements. The NEM-developed Rapid Composite Forming (RCF) technology guarantees a start of production within 48 hours.


  • Advanced shapes and integration options
  • Reinforcement materials
  • Possible modification, e.g. fire retardants
  • Custom material properties


  • Insoles
  • Cycling equipment, frame and moving parts
  • Shin guards and protectors
Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

New Era Materials has recently launched the Fibometry brand to provide on-demand Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing solutions, using the most advanced technologies and machinery. For further information, please visit their website.


  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Batch Production
  • Instrumentation
  • Research & Development
  • CAD Design
  • Prototyping


  • SLS
  • MJF
  • MJM/BJ
  • Post-Processing

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Latest Sports Highlights


A year ago New Era Materials was a proud winner of the “Fast Path” (#Szybkaścieżka) – a prestigious competition organized by The National Centre for Research and Development. First place on the ranking list and the obtained funds allows us to develop our infrastructure and run innovative project concerning the epoxy resin-based composite materials.

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This week has been pretty busy for NEM staff. We are taking part online in ISPO 2021. We are sharing our experiences and joining other Polish companies at the trade fairs. Feel free to search our product portfolio: 

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Due to the recent spread of the coronavirus in new countries last week, and especially countries playing an important role in the composite materials industry such as China, South Korea and Italy, the organisers of JEC World - JEC Group decided to postpone the 2020 edition of JEC World to May 12th to 14th 2020.

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ISPO 2020

Here are some impressions and highlights from #ISPOMunich 2020! Four days full of events, workshops, exchange of ides and fruitful discussions with our partners and potential clients. Our technology attracted not only producers but also users of sports equipment.

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Formula E - the future of motor-sport?

"At first they laughed at us, then they began to look with curiosity. In the end, they want to join us. "- This is how one of its leading competitors, Lucas Di Grassi, summed up four Formula E seasons.

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